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Hey there! As a Certified Herbalist, I believe in the elements of nature and their natural healing power. For years, I watched my best friend, sadly, struggle with psoriasis and then my daughter began a battle with Keratosis Pilaris, and eczema outbreaks. I wasted so much money on product after product and nothing actually worked. This is how my journey began into organic, toxic free, and Ayurvedic skin care. I began by creating my own products, specifically, for healing skin suffering from inflammation. Using my Ubtan Bar Soap  and my Five Butters Body Butter completely healed psoriasis and eczema. I explore and research new botanicals, herbs, and the elements of our beautiful planet to provide the most healing, effective, mineral rich products possible. I stand firmly on using only non toxic, non GMO, environmental-friendly, ethically sourced, cruelty-free ingredients for my brand. My Vitality Miracle Elixir, the first product I created, is my fans favorite and is what made me decide to take my niche seriously. So here we are...I turned my passion into a rewarding career My company takes pride in creating organic skincare inspired by art and handmade with love, using natural sources of our Mother Earth. We strive to produce the best skin care products and to bring health and wellness awareness to everyone.


Environmental Friendly

Our products are made with organic fruits, veggies, butters, oils, and botanical herbs. We use ingredientes obtained from sustainable, Fair-trade-certified sources. We pride ourselves on using Bio-degradable and recycled packaging to help save our beautiful planet.

High-Quality Products

Many people underestimate the effect high-quality soaps and oils have on our skin. We guarantee our all-natural products will heal, nourish, and repair dry, damaged, or dull skin. Gentle exfoliants and our mega blend of Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Sal Butter, African Shea Butter and Cacao Butter hydrates up to 24 hours.  Love the skin you’re in!
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“The Queen’s Gold Shimmer Bar helped my hyperpigmentation."

--Keisha Moore, New York, New York


“My package arrived fast. The body butter was very moisturizing and the scent lasted a long time."”

--Brianna W., Woodland Hills, CA

"Try the face oil! This cute little sample came with my package and I had to buy some more, the bath bomb was good too!"

--Island Girl, San Antonio, Tx

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Please Support Us

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